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Powers of attorney & Court of Protection

Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA)

EPAs were very simple documents to create and therefore open to abuse. Although it has not been possible to create a new EPA since 1st October 2007 if you have an existing EPA then it is still valid (whether registered or not) and there is no need to create a new power of attorney unless you want to take advantage of the new Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Unless you restricted its operation, an EPA came into force as soon as it was executed. This means that it was possible for your Attorney to act on your behalf even if you had not lost your mental capacity and without registering the power.

If you have an EPA which you wish to revoke (perhaps with a view to making a Lasting Power of Attorney) then you will need to have the requisite mental capacity to do so and should execute a Deed of Revocation which PWT Advice can prepare for you.

We can also assist with registration of an EPA where the person making the power has lost capacity. In this instance, unless the power is registered the attorney has no authority to act so it is important to start the registration process if this is the case.

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