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Domicile & international estates

Estate administration

If you are involved in the administration of an estate which consists of property (whether land, cash or personal belongings) in another country it is important to know whether more than one set of laws will apply.

For example, if an English person owned property in Italy it would usually pass in accordance with England's laws whereas, by contrast, property in France would pass in accordance with French law or "forced heirship" (which can prevent a testator leaving everything to a surviving spouse or civil partner). Generally land will pass in accordance with the law of the country in which it is situated and everything else passes in accordance with the law of the country of domicile. This may not, however, be the same as the deceased's country of nationality.

Applying the wrong law in an estate administration will lead to increased costs, delay and tax penalties. If you are involved in such an estate it is important to seek specialist advice.

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