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Wills & succession planning

Making your will

It is believed that seven out of ten people have not made a Will. Not wanting to address the issue may mean your estate will not pass to those whom you would want to benefit and you miss out on inheritance tax saving opportunities.

We specialise in making Wills that are clear and tax efficient. Even if you have an existing Will we would recommend that you review this regularly to ensure that it is up to date and takes account of your changing personal and financial circumstances and alterations in the law.

Wealth Warning!

Although it is possible to purchase kits for "do it yourself" Wills we do not recommend that you pursue this route. The saving you perceive to have made on the cost of the Will may be more than outweighed by the cost to your estate in rectifying problems caused by DIY Wills. Without the specialist knowledge required to make a valid Will it is easy to make mistakes and to die believing that your affairs are in order. This may leave your family facing lengthy and expensive proceedings to administer your estate. We can help you to avoid such complications by making a Will that is not only tax efficient but also reflects your wishes and is valid. We can store the original for you and provide a copy for your records. We make no charge for storage.

What do I need to think about?

There is a lot to consider when making your Will.

Complicated family arrangements may mean you need to decide whether to leave your estate to your spouse outright or on trust. And what kind of trust?

When providing for children you may need to balance the desire that they do not receive too much too soon with making the Will as tax efficient as possible. Guardians need careful thought but should not hold you back from putting your Will in place.

You will need to look at the nature of your assets. Some may be eligible for inheritance tax relief and can be dealt with in a beneficial way in your Will to maximise the tax saving.

Look carefully at whom you should benefit and how. If you do not provide sufficiently for your close family and dependants they could potentially make a claim against your estate. It is possible to minimise the risk with a Will.

You may be concerned about beneficiaries who have special needs and are worried about the management of their affairs following your death. Your Will can provide for their share to be held on a properly structured trust which would come into existence on the death of the second parent and allow protection without jeopordising means-tested benefits.

Inheritance tax & succession planning

Part of our Will service is to ensure that you are fully aware of the possibility of saving inheritance tax for your family. We can provide full lifetime and post death inheritance tax planning advice when advising you on your Wills. A Will should also be an essential part of the succession planning process for your business and we are happy to advise on the tax consequences of your proposals in respect of both business and family considerations to ensure that you meet your objectives in the best way for everyone.

Why use us?

Using our specialised expertise we are able to consider all of the issues which may have a direct bearing on how your Will should be drawn up. We have experts in the laws of succession, tax, trusts, pensions, estates and property to help you.

If you prepare your own Will you may not realise that the language you use is open to misinterpretation and could be worse than having no Will at all.

A tailor-made Will prepared by a professional such as a specialist solicitor will provide the reassurance and peace of mind you and your family deserves.

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