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Trusts (international & UK)

Types of trust

A trust is created when a person (known as the "settlor") gives assets to other people (called the "trustees") to hold for the benefit of others (called the "beneficiaries").

Trusts are useful inheritance tax planning tools and can assist with wealth preservation (passing assets down through the generations) and protection of assets whether for tax or family reasons e.g. to protect vulnerable beneficiaries. They can be set up both in your lifetime and via your Will. The trustees will administer the trust in accordance with the terms of the trust or Will.

The relevant type of trust will depend upon the particular circumstances and include simple bare trusts, life interest trusts and discretionary trusts. Some trusts have their own tax regime and require the completion of trust accounts and tax returns.

PWT Advice are specialists in the creation and management of trusts and can advise on the right trusts to meet your individual and family needs together with the production of trust accounts and completion of tax returns.

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