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Our Services

Don't refer your client to a competitor...

Clients sometimes think you know everything. But not everyone has access to in-house expertise on every topic, and it may not make economic sense to hire someone just to answer the very occasional client question.

PWT Advice provides advice on personal taxation, pensions, employee benefits and probate, wills and charity.

We are 'best friend' specialist advisers, who don't compete with you.


If you try answering without the specialist knowledge, you risk getting it wrong (unhappy client, possible negligence action etc.). Call us now on + 44(0)345 833 9025

How we charge

Because we're a small firm, we don't have massive overheads (no HR department, marketing guys, or IT boffins). We will discuss our fees with you when we have a better idea of what you need. We prefer to charge a fixed fee wherever possible so you know up-front what our costs will be.

PWT advice support the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) rules in a drive to improve transparency in legal services by assisting you to understand what you are actually paying for.

Probate Pricing

We offer three levels of support for our clients - a full estate administration service, a standard service, and an advice service. If you choose to instruct us, we will issue you with a Letter of Engagement which will lay out our range of costs that we believe we may incur when working with the estate. If unforeseen circumstances arise we will always attempt to agree on a further fixed fee with you before undertaking this work but if that is not possible, we will agree on an hourly rate. We will always inform you of any changes and afford you with any revision in our costs.