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Our Services

Employee benefit structures

Our consultants can also help with personal income tax issues, advising employers on their PAYE and National Insurance obligations. We can help you set up employee benefit trusts, both in the UK and offshore, and give you the guidance you'll need to decide which is most appropriate to your clients' needs.

We can help with share schemes, whether they're approved, unapproved or Enterprise Management Incentive Schemes. Whether you need advice for employers setting up and running share schemes, or for executives who need to know what their tax liabilities will be, we can assist.

For a no-obligation discussion, call us on + 44(0)345 833 9025

We've listed the areas we can advise on in detail but we don't want to waste your valuable time. If you're not sure whether we can help, just email us or call on + 44(0)345 833 9025. We're happy to have a look at your issues and confirm if we can help.

If we feel we can assist you, we'll discuss our fee so you know in advance what we'll do for you and how we'll charge for our services. Your clients will be happy knowing you've obtained specialist advice (or you can choose not to tell them about us if you want). We hope you'll be happy you've had access to our experts, in a way that lets you factor our fees into the charges you pass on to your clients.